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DJ Saoko provides Latin music entertainment for different types of events, such as:  club parties, private celebrations, weddings and salsa events. He is now based out of Houston, TX. When he was a RI resident, he was one of the most requested Salsa DJ's in New England, DJ'ing sometimes 4-5 times a week.

DJ Saoko has an extensive collection of music with thousands of songs. He regularly uses different sources to acquire new music, from the newest merengue and bachata to the best classic and rare hard-to-find Salsa that is always a hit in salsa socials and congresses. DJ Saoko also possesses a decently sized Vinyl record collection of Latin music.

DJ Saoko was born and raised in Venezuela and has lived the last sixteen years in the U.S in different urban areas, such as Buffalo NY, Houston TX and Cranston RI. This has enabled him to make long-lasting friends from different countries in Latin America. At the same time that has allowed him to learn the music and the culture of most Latin American countries.